Buying a Home

So, you’re thinking about or have already decided to purchase a new home. Now what?

Use this website as your guide to find out everything your need to know before making that very important purchase.

When you are ready to take the next step; contact me to be your Personal Real Estate Consultant to help you through your home buying journey.

Here is what you can expect…
1) As your Personal Real Estate Consultant, I will ask you profound, insightful questions. This will help me determine what is important to you in buying a home. Discovering what is really important to you, is really important to me. Then, I will help you search for and find the perfect home that you will love and afford.

2) Expert Negotiator: Once we have found your perfect home, I will negotiate the lowest possible price for you. I treat your money like it’s my own. When it’s time to save you money, I will stop at nothing.

3) Coordinate and oversee all of the transactional details. After negotiating the best possible price and we have an agreed contract, I will oversee all of the details during the transaction. Because every transaction brings up to 43 different people from 14 different industries, 100 to 150 phone calls and up to 100 pieces of paper requiring signatures and initials, you will feel confident that I am there to make sure that everything gets done. I will recognize any turbulence that may occur and work to resolve any issues quickly. All this is to ensure that you have a successful closing.

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