Shelton MarketWatch: November 16

Buying a home in Shelton CT

Shelton Marketwatch:  November 16Thursday, November 16This past week in Shelton we had 9 new listings, 6 homesthat went under deposit and 17 homes sold.The Shelton real estate market for the month of October 2017 continued to be slightly busier than normal, however, we did see about a 25% decrease in the number of homes sold […]

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Shelton Marketwatch: November 9

Shelton Foreclosed homes

November 9, 2017This past week in Shelton we had 9 new listings, 12 homesthat went under deposit and 17 homes sold.What are tenants rights of foreclosed properties? When a property that is being rented goes into foreclosure because the landlord stopped paying the mortgage, the tenant usually doesn’t know anything about it until they get […]

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Shelton Marketwatch: October 19

Call Joyce Marshall at 203-305-0157 to buy or sell a home in Shelton, CT

Shelton MARKETWatch: Thursday, October 19 This past week in Shelton we had 19 new listings, 7 homes that went under deposit and 13 homes sold.  How Much Does It Cost to Buy a House? Many home buyer’s are surprised about the out-of-pocket expenses that are incurred when buying a home, in addition to the price […]

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